Tell us about the beginning?

We met each other on Tinder, and were the first people met up with in person!!
Our first date was supposed to be a dinner, but then Mia chicken-ed out last minute (come on it was my first time going on a date with a stranger) the plan changed to meeting for ice-cream at Messina. Mia (the perfect lady) enquired how pranav would be getting there and kindly (though potentially at risk) offer Pranav a lift. Upon picking pranav up, his 6ft3 frame folded itself into Mia’s tiny car. The conversation mostly involved Mia non-stop talking, only pausing to order out ice-cream. Pranav (the perfect gentleman) tried to pay, but when the cashier told him they were unable to accept card that night, Mia stepped up to pay for the two of them! Ever since we threw tradition to the wind, no gender roles for us!
Our love for philosophy and deep conversations, Indian cinema and music, sports and food has brought us together over the last 6years.

Where and when did you get engaged?

Having spoken about getting married often over the last 2yrs, it was just a matter of time. Mia was offered an incredible opportunity with work to move to Boston, Massachusetts for 3yrs, straight from the meeting Mia ran to Pranav’s office (both working from home) and asked “do you want to move to Boston?” to which Pranav replied “Um yes! When do we leave?!”

The following day we discovered that to be able to move together the US would only accept us both as a married couple, after a moment of silence Mia turned to Pranav “so… do you want to get Married?” The most romantic of proposals!!

However, Pranav had already been planning a proposal which was supposed to take place in a few months time. He didn’t want to be able to miss out on that opportunity for our special moment. So secretly without Mia knowing, he went about continuing to plan his proposal.

We went to Rye for the Easter weekend, and on the morning of Easter Sunday Pranav pulled Mia out of bed for a special Easter Egg Hunt. A step further, a special Tri-Wizard Tournament in order to win my chocolate-y surprises.. but Mia realised what she had just been enrolled into, she was to hunt for her proposal spot!!

Having to answer questions about AFL, sing Disney songs, beat Pranav in a hand of cards and solve the riddles to find the next clue. She came to the final envelope, and her man down on one knee!

Whats your theme for the day?

It is meant to be intimate, with the people that know us best. In my family home where I have spent much of my early years. We would describe the vibe to be “chill and fun”, we hope to have a dance party, lots of drinks and food and fun!

Intimate wedding in the family home

Mia + Pranav