I'm peter

Not just a photographer,

for the loved-up

A little about me

a visual storyteller

my philosophy

I never had a creative bone in me until I decided to travel and bought a camera to document my journey.

The first time I photographed a couple in love I knew I had found my thing. Capturing that connection is special, it can create such a powerful image because every one of us can connect with it. Both photo and video can have this affect on us.

I already know the images and video are going to turn out amazing. I know it because it is my passion and I pour myself into it. Because I know this, I can spend our time together making sure you are comfortable, that you are enjoying yourself and generally just having fun with you!
Nobody feels super comfy in front of the lens, but I will do everything I can to make you feel relaxed, confident and having a blast.

“Stories are the most powerful thing. The ones we hear and the ones we tell shape us and they are everywhere, if you just look"

What inspires me

When I started travelling I quickly became obsessed with learning how to convey my new experiences through my camera. I learnt the basics and could take a decent shot and make a good solid video, but something was missing- I wanted to express the energy in the air, the feeling of the day, the emotion of the moment

Striving for this is what developed into my style of photography and film; the shots I choose to take, the way we approach shooting on your day to the music and the pacing of your video, even down to the type of paper in your album- they are all my reflection of your story.

What this means in a more practical sense is we will get to know each other a little in the course of your planning, and on the day we will be talking like mates. For the most part I'll be chatting, laughing and celebrating your day with you just like I'm another member of your wedding party. What I capture will reflect your day and how fucking awesome you both are together.

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see a new story to tell. Your love-story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”


Every wedding is different and I could just go with the flow and we'll make magic.

That though isn't serving you to the best of my ability, so instead we will work together on your schedule for the day. This way we are all on the same page and I can help the day run smoothly :)

I'll turn up freshly caffeinated and keen to meet everyone. I'll hang with you for a bit and subtly start grabbing some shots, easing everyone in to fact that there is some British guy with a camera in the room.

By the time the ceremony is finished and we are doing location shots both you and your whole bridal party, will be so used to me being there that you wont think twice about being yourselves and messing around.

There will be moments in the day we've set aside where I pull you aside and direct you just a little to get those sweet intimate shots. Other than that its just crack on as normal allowing you to actually experience your day.

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat.


I love nature. I grew up a city boy so my world expanded when I moved to Australia and saw a different way to spend my time, enjoying the outdoors.

Depending on what month you catch me in this will seem far-fetched as consistency with my fitness is not my strongest asset but I do actually love training. I am a qualified PT and I fell in love with Muay Thai a while ago and train in my garage.

I live near Melbourne with my Partner Emma and our bunny Alfie. We are renovating an old school bus into a tiny home to take our adventures on the road and make it even easier to film wedding all over and feel like we're travelling even when we're not.
I do love to travel still though and will take any opportunity to go to a new place or revisit somewhere interesting.

That’s a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favourite things. No matter who and where we are, we’re all just doing our thing, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too!)

"I like tea and gin...I guess I'm nothing more than a stereotype"




jade + chris

"Peter is AMAZING!! He went above and beyond to make our day special and one to remember, always checking in on us with the lead up, capturing every moment and more on the day!
Super funny, great guy! Couldn’t recommend more!!

Thank you Peter for everything!"

Jess + rhys

"I contacted Pete and he was beyond incredible. He went above and beyond to help make sure I was ready for the big day and was soo much fun on the day.
He made us all feel so comfortable and natural as though we had known him for years. The final video was also amazing. We all cannot stop watching it over and over!! I could not recommend Mocha Films any more highly."

emily + alex

The booking process was absolutely seamless with Pete, and all the pre & post with him has been just amazing. Could not recommend this amazing company anymore!"


Peter and the team at Mocha Films were spectacular to deal with from day one. He made sure he met with my partner and I to get a good understanding of who we were, so he could shoot a day that truly reflected our partnership.
He went above and beyond to ensure our day was well and truly special. Cannot recommend them highly enough!! 



When your old a grey and you sit down to watch your video and look at your photos I want you to be transported back to this time, look at each other and think "fuck-yeah we were awesome...and we still are!"

Let's talk

No story is one and the same. Yours will be crafted to share your unique journey.