Tell us about the beginning?

Samuel and I first met at Saturday Italian School towards the end of 2010. So we were just 17 years old when we first met. I remember Samuel walking into the classroom for the first time. He has just come back from Italy, so he had a European glow to him. We got to know each other for a while at Italian school, until Samuel finally asked me out on a date. I got a phone call from him, he seemed really nervous to ask. Apparently he was so nervous that afterwards he got drunk with all his mates who were there supporting him the whole time. We went on a lot of movie dates and dinner dates (which we still love to do now). Dating in our final year of school was difficult for me as I was quite a study nerd whereas Samuel was easy going and would rather party then spend his days worrying about school. We went out as much as we could, especially when he got his licence and we could drive around in his Holden VL Turbo! At the end of 2011, after many rejections because I wanted to wait until the end of Year 12, we became official and we could enjoy our love story out of the boundaries of school life. We travelled together, saw some of Europe together, continued our movie night and dinner traditions and enjoyed spending time with our friends and family. Despite doing a lot of these things together we also understood the importance of being our own people and let each other explore life whichever way we thought seemed fit. This has led us to where we are now, a house that we have bought together , our careers and our dog Archer. One day we dream of owning a farm together where we can live a simple life in with our children, farm animals and Samuels dream of many more German Shepherds. We are each others best friend, first loves and forever.

When and where did you get engaged?

Our engagement was a long time coming. It was our first holiday together in a few years and we were super excited to go to Bali. Samuel had organised a romantic dinner at the resort followed by some flowers in our villa which is where we got down on one knee and popped the question.

What style/theme have ou chosen for the day?

Our wedding day is very simple, black and white and somewhat traditional.

What are you most looking forward to?

Seeing my partners face as I walk down the aisle. Celebrating at the reception with food and drinks! Dancing! and even the photography session (we don’t have many nice photos together except the occasional selfie).

Top tips?

Make it easy for yourself (don’t over plan).
Pick a reception that is organised and ready to go for you.
Good food is important.

Lot’s of fun, drinks and moody portrait vibes.

Anna + Sam