How To Pick A Cinematic Wedding Venue For Your Photos

Don’t listen to what anyone says – you can do whatever you want when it comes to your wedding. Want to skip the big ceremony and elope? Go ahead. Want to get married in shorts and a T-shirt? Comfort, as they say, is king. Want to skip mains and only serve canapés and cake to your guests? Sounds like a proper party to me. It’s your wedding, after all.
The one thing that’s tricky to get around, though, is getting married in an actual place. You tend to always need the big V… a venue.

So, how to pick a wedding venue? Well, it’s not always easy, but there are some general pointers to follow…

  1. Know your guest list: Having a number in mind before you go looking at venues will save you from headaches and heartaches down the road. 
  2. Remember your budget: Stuff adds up quickly in this area. Remember that old wedding adage: This shit is expensive.  
  3. Select a location that suits your wedding style: Do you want a classic, bohemian or unconventional event? It’s key that the venue meshes with your vision.  
  4. Start looking early: If you’re particular when it comes to the venue, the earlier you begin looking at places, the better. 

These are all important questions to consider, but let’s get real, people. Let’s get real real. It’s all! About! The photos! If you want dramatic wedding photography and kick-ass images that tell the story of your wedding day, there are a few things to consider. 

What is cinematic wedding photography?

You know that part in a movie that makes to go “oh shit, that looks cool!” or you can sense whats about to happen, or even you can laugh just by the camera showing someones face a the right time- thats what I call cinematic. It’s a language that we all understand but takes a whole lot of practice to speak.

With an experienced cinematic wedding photographer, you can capture images that evoke emotion and transport you right back to the moment.

A cinematic look is a combination of a whole bunch of ingredients coming together in one image. The most important factor, however, is the lighting. Light is everything when creating cinematic images, and knowing how to use good light when you see it is something that comes with experience.

We photographers will use light in various ways to get the right feel and atmosphere in our images. sometimes that means adding light with flashes or similar but more often its better to use the lovely sunlight coming through a window or peeking through the trees. Why imitate nature if the real thing is available?!

Choosing a photogenic wedding venue

Obviously you want to find photo-friendly wedding venues. But what exactly should you look for, and what are some of the elements worth considering?

1. Consider the outside space

Your location matters. Having a gorgeous environment to take your photos in can create a more cinematic and artistic approach than just having the portraits taken by a random tree outside your reception. Try to find a location that you really connect with – one that brings your vision to life. 

cinematic wedding photo at sunset on rooftop venue in melbourne city

2. Scout the area

If you can, visit your preferred venue at different times of the day and on a few different occasions. This will help you see it in different lights and envisage how it could look for you and your guests. See if there are any lovely hidden areas that you really like. Then you can discuss them with your photographer and, light allowing on the day, they’ll be able to capture some of those secret spots for you. 

Many people choose to tour potential venues in daytime hours. This can make a venue seem perfect with lots of natural light. However, most weddings occur in the evening hours, and this will change the entire spectrum of natural lighting. It makes the most sense to tour potential venues at the time the wedding will take place. This will give you the most accurate idea of what the natural lighting is going to look like during your wedding.

3. Find points of interest and features

The inside of a wedding venue can be just as important as the outside, so be sure to check your venue for interesting and visually alluring features. If you’re keen on a specific type of architecture, be sure to consider this prior to choosing your wedding and reception location.

When picking a photo-friendly wedding venue, you want a place that allows for many different photographs to be taken. Whether it’s outside on the grass or inside, there should be multiple places that allow for a range of image settings and backdrops. This is why it’s so vital that you tour the venue prior to choosing it so you can ensure there’s adequate space for a variety of pictures.

4. Consider the getting-ready space

Some of the best photos that capture the excitement of the day start in the getting-ready room. Your venue needs to have one that allows for some natural lighting. This will ensure that you’ll get some great photos while getting ready for the walk down the aisle. 

5. Consider the ceremony site

For outdoor ceremonies, think about the direction of the sun vs what direction you and your partner will be facing. If you can find a spot with big, open shade, this might be preferable to spotty lighting or having one of you in direct sun while the other is in the shade.

6. Remember the seasons

In case you’re not touring your venue at the same time of year that your wedding will take place, be sure to remember that it might look totally different during a different season. Winter means thinner trees, which might reveal broader views, while spring might see blossoms pop up in the garden. The seasons will definitely change the look and feel of the space (and, of course, the sunset time).

I hope this gets your wheels turning as you think about things to consider when choosing your wedding venue. The most important thing to remember? A good photographer will make the most of any venue, any location and any lighting situation! That’s exactly what Mocha Films + Photo specialises in, so don’t be afraid to reach out and we can get started on capturing your most epic wedding memories.

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